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If you’re trying to avoid winter colds and the flu, give your body the best chance at staying healthy with these supplements! Jonathan Evans, Herbal Information Specialist at The Herbarium in Chicopee joins us with his recommendations for winter immune sustem boosters.

He recommends:

Vitamin C…always a great choice because it does a bit of everything. 1500 mg or more daily
Astragalus. Anti oxidant, immune boosting, stress reliever
Elderberry a powerful anti viral, immune enhancer
Zinc (lozenge) helps disrupt virus reproduction
Olive leaf extract. Anti viral
Oregano oil.. Antiviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial
Vitamin D.. helps immune function 1,000-5,000 iu’s
Colloidal silver. Antiviral. Antibacterial
Probiotics. Necessary for strong immune response. 30 billion and up ,multiple strains
Echinacea. Antimicrobial, immune modulator, helps boost phagocytes and T-cells
Garlic.. Does everything,
Mushrooms. Reishi, Maitake, Shitake, among others are very powerful immune boosters.

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