(Mass Appeal) – This year marks the 400th anniversary of Thanksgiving and in honor of this important event, we are bringing the immersive experience at Plimoth Patuxet Museums to you.

Staff historian Thomas Begley joined us with a look at the musem’s special exhibit in honor of this Thanksgiving, noting that the first meal was a celebration of diplomacy between the pilgrims and the indigenous people.

Then Malka Benjamin, director of interpetation and training, shared what daily life was like for the colonists as they worked to build their community and sustain themselves.

Danielle Alonso, indigenous program supervisor, shared the Wampanoag experience and noted that giving thanks was not a new tradition for the native people; they gave thanks for the earth’s offerings on a daily basis.

We closed out our time on the Mayflower II, a full scale reproduction of the cargo ship that brought 102 settlers to our shores. Remy Willcoks, maritime artisan assitant, shared an account of the difficult voyage, which took 66 days to complete.