Cleansing the energy in your space

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You dust, disinfect and vacuum your home to keep it clean – but how do you clean the energy in your space?
Jess Steinman is a psychic medium and the owner of In Touch with Spirit and she is here to share more. 

Different ways to cleanse your space:

Smudging: A technique of Native American origin, considered to be spiritual/energetic “house clearing.” Just like you would dust the walls, ceilings, floors, etc. in your home, smudging clears energetic dust from your home. This technique involves the burning of dried herbs or incense – white sage is most common, but other herbs are often used (sweetgrass, mugwort, bay leaves, rosemary, etc.) 

Crystals: Crystals are nature’s energy holders, cleansers, and amplifiers. They can help to clear a space of negative energy, amplify positive energy, or hold a space of strength for an individual.

Sound healing: Singing bowls, chimes, or tuning forks can be used to clear a space as well. Also, playing certain kinds of music can change the energy of space, too.

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