(MASS APPEAL) – On this Month’s Community Corner with Peoples Bank we are talking about Safe Passage and their upcoming Hot Chocolate Run. Here to share all the details is Matt Bannister, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Responsibility with PeoplesBank, Amber Abdella, Development and Events Manager with Safe Passage, and Natalie Ulrich, Director of Development with Safe Passage.

Hot Chocolate Run

The Hot Chocolate Run is a community celebration of Safe Passage, the Hampshire County organization addressing domestic violence. Sign up to run, walk, or volunteer on December 3. 

Then, share your fundraising page with family and friends to create year-round support for survivors of domestic violence.

For more information, visit hotchocolaterun.com

To learn more about how PeoplesBank supports the community, visit bankatpeoples.com

Sponsored by: PeoplesBank