(MASS APPEAL) – On this month’s Community Corner with PeoplesBank, we are highlighting the Caring Heath Center in Springfield. I am joined by Matt Bannister, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Responsibility with PeoplesBank, and Tania Barber, CEO of Caring Heath Center, along with Dr. Yedalis Ruiz, the Chief Access and Equity Officer and the Executive Director of the Tania M. Barber Learning Institute to discuss their upcoming Gala as well as the launch of the Tania M Barber Learning Institute.

Caring Health Center Annual Fundraising Gala

CHC’s annual gala will be held on Friday, September 15th from 6:00pm through 10:00pm at MGM Springfield. You support will contribute to the success of CHC’s Tania M. Barber Learning Institute, empowering education and transforming lives.

For tickets and details visit caringhealth.org/gala2023

For more information on how PeoplesBank supports the community visit bankatpeoples.com

Sponsored by: PeoplesBank