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(Mass Appeal) – We are less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving and if you’ve still got some table planning to do then we have a great idea. Phylissa Phillips from GILTE Phyl’s bakery service in Westfield has a fun and unique way to highlight where your guests should be sitting for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Sweet turkey treats   place card/ appetizer


Double-Stuff Oreos – The double-stuffed are used because the gap in between each cookie is larger and accommodates the candy corns better.

Regular Oreos – These are used for the base, although you can use the double-stuff ones as well.

White candy melts or vanilla chips (another option for eyes) or frosting – This will be the “glue”

Candy corns – One option for the “feathers.”

Almond slices – Another option for the “feathers.”

Mini Reese’s peanut butter cups – Either milk or dark chocolate kind.

Milk duds or Whoppers –options for the “head.”

Chopped nuts – Optional

Candy eyeballs – One option for the eyes

Swedish fish– or any gummy candy, great to clip into feet, eyes and the “snood”


First you need the “glue” for all the candy. You can just use a thick chocolate buttercream or if you plan on traveling, melted chocolate is a sturdier option.

Time to make the back and feathers of the Oreo Turkeys. There are two styles I really like, one with candy corns and the other with almond slices.

Pipe a little bit of melted candy melts or butter cream in the gap between the cookies on the top of a double-stuff Oreo. Then gently place 4 to 6 candy corns about a fourth of an inch apart.

NOTE: Don’t push too hard otherwise it may separate the cookie or even crack one of the cookies.

Or if you like, add in several almond slices to created an alternative look

Add a large dollop of chocolate/candy melts near the bottom of the Oreo. Then add a mini Reese’s peanut butter cup. This will represent the Oreo Turkeys belly. You could substitute a Hershey kiss turned sideways if nut allergies are an issue

Now time to make the head, face, and base for the Oreo Turkeys.

TIP: One thing that would be fun if you are doing this in a group or with kids, is do a little assembly line, especially if you are making a lot of them.

Add a dollop of melted candy melt/chocolate or icing to the top of the Oreo above the peanut butter cup. Then place a milk dud or whopper to represent the head of the turkey.

Add little dollops for the eyes, and then place the candy eyeballs in place. Or you could just leave the dollops as the eyeballs.

To make the beak, just add a little dollop under the eyes and place a butterscotch chip or milk chocolate chip or even cut the white piece off a candy corn.

To create the base Split several Oreos in half and then add a dollop of the “glue” to the back of the cookie and place the Oreo Turkey on it.

Smoosh and clip gummy candy to create Turkey feet and snood.

These will last several weeks in an airtight container.

Just cut up some index cards and have the kids or anyone with decent penmanship decorate with the names of all your guests.

this sweet little appetizer is a great way to cleanse your palette before the big feast And an adorable conversation piece!

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