Dakin Humane Society stepping up to help pets left alone due to COVID-19 hospitalizations

Mass Appeal

(Mass Appeal) – Dakin Humane Society is one of the first animal organizations in the state to foster pets that have been left home alone due to a COVID-19 hospitalization. Dakin Humane Society Executive Director Carmine DiCenso joined us to talk about safety plans for animals.

DiCenso said they recently took in a dog that had been left at home because it’s owner had been hospitalized due to the virus. Sadly, the dog’s owner passed away and when it was clear family members were not able to take in the dog, he was adopted out by Dakin to a loving family.

DiCenso emphasized that it’s crucial to have a plan for your pet these days in case you are hospitalized. Have a person who can step in a care for your pet and create a care box for your animal with two weeks of food, any medication, and instructions.

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