Dealing with relationship pet peeves

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Different things affect people differently: some things that have little to no effect on one person may be particularly annoying to the other. Relationship Coaches Andrew and Michaelia Daubon shared tips on how to deal with pet peeves in relationships.

Effective tips in addressing Pet Peeves with your Partner
1.    Pick your battles, address the most pressing pet peeve, if you have a few, stick to the top two.
2.    Choose the right time to talk about it, having the discussion in the heat of the moment is unlikely to get the result you desire. Bring the issue up when you are calm. 
3.    Stick to the issues, don’t make it about the person. Say how the behavior affects you.
4.    Use the sandwich method. Start the conversation positive, then speak to the issue, and end on a positive note.
5.    Suggest ways in which you both can work on the issue.

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