Delicious fun from the exhibit Sweet: A tasty journey at the Springfield Museums

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(Mass Appeal) – Sweet: A Tasty Journey is an informative and an interactive exhibit at the Springfield Museums that looks at the history and science of candy, the sense of taste, and much more. We ventured to the museum to get a tour and experience the exhibit.

We started with the Springfield Museum’s Jenny Powers and Victoria Robeck. Jenny gave an overview of the exhibit and Victoria, who helped build the exhibit, tried her hand at the Willy Wonka Pinball machine.

Next, Powers and I talked about the science of taste and the tried one of the more popular aspects of the exhibit, the Beanboozled Game. We spun the wheel to determine which jelly bean I’d have to eat – and it turned out to be rotten egg! A delicious jelly bean or a gross one, it’s all up to chance. Those who dare get a bag of all delicious jelly beans for their pluckiness.

Then we met Maggie Humberston and learned about the sweet history of Springfield. Springfield was home to Bakers Extract, which changed the way America bakes at home. Springfield was also home to New England Equipment, which created candy making machinery that was able to mass produce candy and make it available to a wider audience.

Lastly, Powers discussed the science of candy, the role of temperature and the way chocolate is made.

Sweet: A Tasty Journey is at the Wood Museum of Springfield History at the Springfield Museums and runs through April 26, 2020.

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