Digital marketing: What you should do and not do to grow your brand

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(Mass Appeal) – Digital marketing is a crucial part of any business’s strategy to reach its customers. However, like any form of advertising, it needs to be done properly or you’re just wasting money. Meghan Rothschild, President of Chikmedia, is here with some dos & don’ts of digital marketing.


  1. Have a consistent brand before engaging in paid advertising
  2. Make sure your website is up to par and easy to navigate
  3. Make ads that are meaningful or relatable
  4. Prepare to spend some money and set aside a budget
  5. Target based on demographics that work for you (behavioral, geo, age, gender)


  1. Think you’ll get anywhere with $100
  2. Try to reach everyone at once – everyone is not your client even if you think they are
  3. Have a terrible social media presence if you’re going to run ads on social
  4. Think you can avoid video

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