DIY jar of laundry detergent

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Save money, avoid harsh chemicals and save the environment with DIY Laundry Detergent! 

Becky Kalish is an EcoFellow at the Center for EcoTechnology and she joins us with the details. 

Ingredients for detergent:
1.    3 cups Washers soda 
2.    3 cups Borax 
3.    2 bars of soap-made of natural/ecofriendly products 
4.    6 tbsp baking soda
5.    Eucalyptus/lavender essential oil-as many drops as desired 
6.    2 cups oxyclean

1)    Grate soap with a cheese grater.
2)    Combine and mix all the ingredients in a large bowl 
3)    Pour into large jar (can be mason jar or plastic jar, but something that is upcycled) with a lid and store with a scoop by your washing machine
4)    Paint outside of jar to your liking with chalkboard or colored recycled paint from EcoBuilding Bargains
5)    Decorate jar to your liking with ribbons/bows/anything you’d like to make it pretty! 

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