CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Whether you’re currently taking your dog to a dog park or are considering taking your dog to a dog park, it’s important to keep the experience safe for not only your dog, but the other days who are there as well! Always keep in mind that dog parks are not an appropriate place for every dog. Certified Dog Trainer Jill Haley Rose gave us 8 dog park etiquette tips.

  1. Avoid “Happy Hour” – The more crowded the dog park, the higher liklihood for problems between dogs to occur.
  2. Entry and Exit points are “hot zones” – Don’t allow your dog to crowd these areas when new people/dogs are arriving.
  3. Be aware of Pack Attraction – Don’t allow your dog to be a “part of the pack” and target one dog.
  4. Good Dog Play – Looks very bouncy and loose. There should be a lot of back and forth, role changing interactions – one dog is the chaser, than the other dog is the chaser, one dog is on top during wrestle play, than the other dog is on top during wrestle play.
  5. Shy Dogs – If your dog is nervous around other dogs, taking him to a dog park has a high risk of making his fear a whole lot worse.
  6. Bully Dogs – Over confident adolescent dogs can sometimes start bad habits at dog parks if their owners are not monitoring them well.
  7. Predation – Some dogs may view other dogs as a prey/ play toy, particularly if there is a big size difference between the two dogs. 
  8. Train your dog – Dog parks won’t help your dog become better behaved. That is up to you to take the time and help your dog learn through reward based training what are good choice behaviors and what are wrong choice behaviors.