Embracing the Golden Years: Know the signs of stroke

Mass Appeal

Stroke is the number five cause of death in the US but if you are familiar with the warning signs, you can help minimize the damage. Grace Barone of Keystone Commons joined us today to talk about increasing stroke awareness by recognizing the signs of this dangerous condition.

Barone noted there is a handy acronym for stroke signs: be fast.

  • B: Balance (loosing balance)
  • E: Eyesight (eyesight becoming blurry)
  • F: Face: (looks for signs of drooping)
  • A: Arms: (lack of coordination or full mobility)
  • S: Speech (slurring or not making sense)
  • T: Time (get help quickly and call 911)

She encourages people not to ignore these symptoms and to act fast getting medical attention. She noted that a healthy lifestyle and watching you blood pressure can help in preventing a stroke.

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