Express your artistic side with garden islands

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(Mass Appeal) – Whether you’re new to gardening or art, you can easily unite the two of them by creating some garden islands in your yard. The Art Doctor Dean Nimmer, Author of Art from Intuition and Creating Abstract Art joins us with some inspiration from his own yard.

Nimmer recommends these materials:

50ft or 100ft roll of 1 1/5 inch plastic garden edging (This shallow edging can easily be formed into organic shapes using garden staples every 4 inches)

3ft x 50ft roll of weed barrier garden fabric (a 3ft x 50ft roll of tar paper will also work as a weed barrier) Cut holes in the fabric and dig out dirt for plants.

A box (or two) of 100 6inch galvanized landscape gardening staples (to help hold down edging and weed barrier fabric)

Your choice of plants (annuals preferred over perennials if you want to change each year)

Play sand, garden stones and pebbles, bark mulch, and any other garden materials you use for color and texture

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