CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Fall in the Pioneer Valley means Agricultural Fairs Apple Picking and More! Here to tell us how we can get the kids involved is Sienna Wildfield, Founder of HilltownFamilies.orgAgricultural Fairs

  • “Fairs are a great way to explore the domestic arts and understand the quality of items made by hand. Exhibition halls at agricultural fairs are filled with different handmade crafts and culinary arts, such as quilts, preserves, knitwear, canned goods, and pies – all tokens from our past that still have a place in our present today… Interested in learning a domestic art skill to share and exhibit at next year’s fair? Explore and engage in community resources to support your interests and education, and get ready for next year’s fair!”
  • Learning through the lens of domestic arts (quilting, knitting, preserving food).
  • Community-based resources: Fairs, libraries, living history museums, historical societies


  • “Here in Western Massachusetts there are many preserved historic schoolhouses people can visit to learn more about schooling and education before the 20th century.”

    Learning through the lens of education history.

  • Community-based resources: One-Room Schoolhouses.

Apple Season

  • Excerpt from itinerary: “Apple season is a beloved time of year in New England with apple orchards preserving our heritage, regional identity, and local landscape. By visiting pick-your-own apple orchards, meet the farmers that grow our food, learn firsthand how apples grow, and engage in the seasonality of the land and the sense of belonging it instills within us. Traditional recipes, the scenic orchard landscapes, and the representation of apples in literature and art remind us of how the apple has become a rich part of our cultural heritage.”
  • Learning through the lens of PYO apples and baking pies.
  • Community-based resources: Apple Orchards.

Fall Festivals

  • Excerpt from itinerary: “During the autumnal months, communities celebrate the change of season with festivals that bridge agricultural and social traditions. These festivities not only celebrate the harvest season but also the cultural traditions that define Western Massachusetts’ unique identity.”
  • Learning through the lens of seasonal celebrations and town history.
  • Community-based resources: Neighbors, town commons, annual events.