Families will enjoy a production of Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook based on the popular book series

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The Drama Studio in Springfield is putting on a funny play that kids and adults alike can enjoy. It’s happening this weekend. Here to tell us more is Dan Morbyrne, director of the play and Junie B herself, Olivia Stack!

Performances will be held Friday, November 8th at 7 PM and Saturday November 10th at 4 PM and 7 PM.

About the play:

Something terrible happened to Junie B. Jones at school today! Someone stole her new furry mittens! So when Junie B. finds a wonderful pen of many colors, she should be allowed to keep it, right? Because finders keepers, losers weepers. And guess what? There’s a new boy in kindergarten and he is the handsomest. The only thing is both Grace and Lucille want him to be their boyfriend. Maybe he will love Junie B. when he sees her wonderful pen! It is okay to keep it, right? Junie B. Jones is not a crook… or is she? A hilarious and heartfelt tale based on the best-selling book series by Barbara Park. 

For more information, visit Drama Studio at dramastudio.org

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