Dr. Rob Robinson, clinical director of Family Care Counseling Associates discusses his four essential ways to form the best and healthiest relationship with your partner. 

1. Emotional Presence: Being emotionally present as a listener in your relationship is a key element for connection. Watching TV, attending to your iPhone instead of your partner, and having your mind elsewhere while giving the impression that you’re listening to your significant other weakens connection. Move toward bringing your full attention to your partner in conversation. Your emotional presence will not only deepen your connection but it will make your mate feel loved and cared about.

2. Accepting advice and acknowledging your partner’s point of view: You’ve heard the old adage that “two heads are better than one” and in relationships, this adage makes perfect sense. One of the most stress-relieving aspects of being in a relationship, is that you don’t have to make the journey alone and have all the answers to every problem. Work at being able to accept influence from your partner and be open to advice and suggestions. Accepting influence is crucial for relationship happiness and connection.

3. Stability: Stability comes in many forms. Being financially stable and emotionally stable are critical components for security in a relationship, but relationship stability is another form of stability that makes connections even better. Being there for your partner whenever and however you are needed builds a feeling of secure attachment and provides a deep sense of security in the relationship. Remember…the key question in the connection between couples is “Are you there for me”? Stability is foundational for relationship happiness.

4. Curiosity: Knowing what’s going on in your partner’s world is an essential element for building a strong sense of friendship in your relationship with your partner. Be curious and interested in your mate. Ask questions and find out about your partner’s dreams, aspirations, fears, accomplishments and the daily activity in your significant other’s life. the more you know about your partner’s world, the stronger your relationship will be.