The Massachusetts Bar Association’s Western Mass. Dial-A-Lawyer program is a free, three-hour call-in program for members of the public who are in need of legal advice happening today, 4 PM – 7 PM.

Started in 1994, the program is offered twice a year (in fall and spring), specifically to Western Mass. residents. Approximately 10-15 volunteers will man the phones, in 1.5-hour shifts. All information is anonymous and confidential.

Call-in number is (413) 782-1659.

Not all issues require the services of a lawyer. Volunteers can also advise whether callers should work to resolve their issue in another way. The program is also great for people who simply need someone to listen to their problem.

Volunteers are well-versed in many different areas of the law, including: 
o    Family and elder law
o    Bankruptcy
o    Real estate
o    Labor and consumer rights

Attorneys answer questions, but won’t take cases. They will remain anonymous.

If someone needs to hire a lawyer, they can call the MBA’s Lawyer Referral Service at (617) 654-0400, toll-free at (866) 627-7577 or on the web at