Fresh, fruity margaritas for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations

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If you’re looking for a lower calorie way to enjoy a magarita, we have some inspiration for you! Mary Ann Dennis from All Events Realized is here with a base recipe that can be changed up for your own tastes.

Healthier fresh-sqeezed margarita:

    2oz. good to excellent quality Tequila. 80% plus and if possible distilled
    1 Fresh squeezed Orange (some use either triple sec or Cointreau for a sweet liquor)
    1 or 2 fresh squeezed lime
    1 oz (to “palate”) Agave to sweeten (some like to use simple syrup and agave for a less tart taste. That’s 1/2 sugar to 1/2 water warmed to dissolve sugar and cooled. 
    A. Use all of the above recipe and throw it in a blender with Frozen Strawberries for a Frozen Strawberry Margarita
    B.  Use any frozen fruit you like and it’s a frozen (fill in the blank with your fruit peaches, pineapple etc.) Margarita 
    C. Add a touch of cranberry for a pink color and call it a Pink Cadillac
Side Note: 
    2 liquors in the same drink make it harder to metabolize and has more calories plus you sort of don’t really taste it. 
    Always use fresh squeezed than a mix. The body recognizes real food.
    To make a pitcher stick with the ratios in general and taste along the way to you palate. It’s not a bad idea if having a party to do one a little more tart and the other lighter or a little sweeter
    Rim glass they way YOU like it. Salt, Sugar, none. Garnish the way you like it wedge of lime wheel is most popular. 
    Rocks glass low or tall – Frozen is specialty glass from the freeze or fridge – Up in a martini glass not frozen. 
Final Note: Explore and make it your own. Remember what you really like so you can make it again. Have fun with it. 

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