(Mass Appeal) – Face masks are an important way to stop the spread of Covid-19. If you’ve got to wear a mask anyway, why not treat it as a fashion accessory and have a little fun with it! Ginger Burr is a Personal Image Consultant from TotalImageConsultants.com and she shares some ways to coordinate or compliment your outfit with a face mask.

  1. Make it pop! If you’re wearing neutral colors, bring in a fun accent color with your mask.
  2. Make it Match. Opt for a mask with the same color or print in your outfit.
  3. Make it Sparkle! Let your personality shine through with a sparkly fabric mask or add some bling.
  4. Missing your lipstick? Opt for a mask in a bright pink or red shade
  5. Versatility. Have at least one mask that can go with anything. Ginger recommends a mask similar to your hair color.