(MASS APPEAL) – New Year’s Eve snacks and appetizers don’t have to be unhealthy. Start the new year on the right track by adding more nutrition to your celebration. Carrie Taylor, Registered Dietitian with Big Y Your Family Market, is here to share her healthy party alternatives.

Adding more nutrition to appetizers this New Year’s Eve is an easy task, but you do need to be intentional about your plans.

Choose a focus:

  • Cream Based Dip – Reduce Fat?
  • Protein Foods- Leaner sources?
  • Finger Foods- More Color? More Whole Grains?
  • Beverages- Merrily Alcohol Free?

Cream Based

Use fat free or low-fat Greek style yogurt in place of traditional mayonnaise or sour cream, for example try: Cucumber Yogurt Dip


Think outside of processed meats like salami & pepperoni. Experiment with seafood, for example try: Crab Rangoon Wontons

Finger Foods

Add color with crudités and bean dip in a cup, for example an array of veggies sliced with bean dip on the bottom of a clear party cup.

Try this treat with sweet fruits: No Bake Strawberry Cheesecake Bites

Whole Grain snacking can be fun and crunchy! Make a popcorn bar with air popped popcorn and a bar of different topping options such as Chili Cheese or Cinnamon and Brown Sugar


Put as much effort to stem ware and embellishments to non-alcoholic options as you do for traditional alcoholic options.

Try this non-alcoholic mocktail- Seedlip Cosnopolitan

You can also have a Sparkling Water Bar with fresh herbs/berries/citrus options.

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