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CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  You can use herbs for so much more than cooking!  Carol Joyce is the Owner of White Buffalo Herbs in Warwick showed us how to use aloe in cooking & cosmetics.

To follow our series on Herbs ‘A to Z’ click here.“A” for ALOE ALOE Cube Dessert

  • 1-2 leaves ALOE, cubed*

    *(must be peeled & scraped 1st, then chop the aloe into bite size pieces (think grapes)

  • ¼ cup sugar in the raw or honey
  • 4 cups of water
  • Spearmint leaf (fresh or dried)


  • 1.Place water & sugar in a large saucepan & bring to a boil.
  • 2.Add aloe cubes to boiling water.
  • 3. Simmer 8-10 minutes until the Aloe gets firm (like a grape).
  • 4. Don’t over boil (pull out of water & place under cool running water for a few minutes to cool down, if they start to go pink
  • 5. Drain cubes & chill.
  • 5. Serve on top of ice cream or mixed into flavored yogurt.
  • 6. Sprinkle 1/8 teaspoon dried spearmint leaf or garnish with fresh sprig of spearmint. Yum!
  • Serves 1 or 2

Raspberry ALOE Smoothie

  • 1 leaf ALOE juice *(must be peeled & scraped 1st, then blended til frothy & strained/squeezed through cheesecloth)
  • ¼ c protein powder (optional)
  • 1 container (3/4 c) plain or flavored yogurt (Greek will make it thicker)
  • ¼ c, frozen raspberries
  • 1/16th tsp. Stevia (to taste) or 1 tsp. honey


1.Make ALOE juice:

a. peel ALOE leaf

b. Peel leaf with sharp knife

c. Scrape ALOE pulp with spoon into a bowl or cup

d. Place pulp in blender & blend on high til frothy

e. Strain or squeeze through cheesecloth to remove “pith”.

f. measure out ¼ cup per drink

  1. Rinse blender, add ALOE juice & remaining ingredients, except sweetener.

    3. Add sweetener to taste (use very little Stevia, as it is VERY sweet)

    4. For a colder, icier “freeze” consistency, add 4 ice cubes at end & blend til icy

ALOE Hair Conditioner

  • 1 leaf ALOE (or 2 Tbsp Aloe gel)
  • Towel
  • Spoon


1.Skin ALOE leaf w/sharp knife, as above.

2. Scrape leaf with spoon into a mortar & pestle (or cup.)

3. Smash or stir gel until liquefied.

4. Smooth gel all over dry hair.

5. Wrap hair in a towel (warm is best) for 30-60 minutes.

6. Unwrap & wash hair, as usual.

Try to do this weekly! For shining, lustrous hair!Body Care with ALOE

  • 1 leaf fresh ALOE
  • Knife or Spoon
  1. Cut Aloe leaf into 1 inch pieces to expose the gooey gel inside.

    2. Keep one out for use.

    3. Wrap the rest individually in plastic wrap & put in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer

    4. Pull out to use for burns, sunburn, scalds, scraped skin, or shallow cuts.

ALOE Facial Glow:

  • 1 inch piece of fresh aloe


1. Take 1 fresh slice of aloe.

2. Apply to face.

3. Leave on for 2-3 minutes>

4. Rinse off with warm water for a fresh skin glow!

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