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CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  You can use herbs for so much more than cooking!  Carol Joyce is the Owner of White Buffalo Herbs in Warwick showed us how to use echinacea in cooking & cosmetics. To follow our series on Herbs ‘A to Z’ click here.ECHINACEA Tea

1/2 tsp. dry Echinacea root, chopped

½ tsp Echinacea leaf & flowers (dried)

1 cup boiling water

Sweetener to taste


1. Put Echinacea root leaf & flower in large mug.

2. Boil water.

3. Pour boiling water over dried herbs.

4. Steep 10 minutes, Strain, & sweeten to taste. Drink!Feel Better Chicken Soup!

2 cans favorite chicken soup or 4 cups favorite homemade chicken soup)

1 Tablespoon dried Echinacea root

Cheesecloth or Tea Ball

Stainless Pan


1.Put root in tea ball or tie into cheesecloth

2. Pour chicken soup into a stainless saucepan (or use fresh made soup)

3. Add Echinacea root

4.Simmer 30-40 minutes.

5. Strain the root from the soup & serve.

When someone at home is sick, this will help make them feel better!Echinacea Wrinkle Helper

Fresh made Echinacea Tea (see above)


1.Dab cooled tea on skin to help reduce puffiness & wrinkles.

2. Avoid getting in eyes.

Use after making a cup of tea (drink tea & use a small amount for skin)Echinacea Extract

1/5 part dried Echinacea root

100 proof vodka

sanitized ball jar

indelible marker

Strainer or cooking grade cheeseclothDirections

1.Place dried Echinacea root in jar (fill it 1/5 full).

2. Pour vodka over & fill to top of jar.

3. Cap, Label & store in dark spot for 6 weeks, shaking often.

4. Strain and keep in clean jar out of light. Stores well for up to 5 years!ALWAYS consult your physician before using herbals.

Use extract (tincture) for acne; cuts & scrapes; athlete’s foot; dandruff.

Echinacea Hair “Mask”

¼ cup aloe vera gel

1 dropperful Echinacea Extract

2 drops lavender essential oilDirections

1.Mix all together & rub on hair

2. Rinse off with warm water.

Said to help with dandruff and add sheen.

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