(Mass Appeal) – Let’s face it – life is stressful. And if your partner can’t help you cope…. who can? Doctor Rob Robinson, clinical director of Family Care Counseling and Associates, is joining us with four steps to having a stress-reducing conversation with your partner.

STEP 1: set aside 20-minutes at the end of the day to connect and communicate. Attempt to create a space with little or no interruptions. (put your cell phone away)

STEP 2: Begin the conversation with a “soft” rather than a “harsh” startup. Remember to use “I-messages” rather than “You messages”.

STEP 3: Take a turn being the speaker and the listener. As the listener, your role is to
– maintain eye-contact
– show genuine interest
– communicate understanding
– show solidarity (I’m with you on this)
– demonstrate affection

STEP 4: Ask if there is anything your partner needs that will help. But, don’t start giving advice unless it’s asked for.