(Mass Appeal) – We are back with Michelle Olanyk from Mo’s Fudge Factor. So, you talked Penuche with Alanna earlier in the show and now we’re making Hot Fudge, which is appropriate as
National Hot Fudge Sundae Day is this coming Sunday. How simple is it to make?

1 Can sweetened condensed milk
1 ½ C Chocolate
¾ C Milk
Equipment –
Microwave safe bowl – medium-sized
Measuring spoons
Serving dish or storage jars
Directions :
Pour the sweetened condensed milk into a microwave-safe bowl.
Heat on high for 2 minutes
Add chocolate to the hot milk and stir until fully incorporated, if some of the chocolate does not melt put it back in the microwave and heat for another 30 seconds.
Serve immediately.
Refrigerate any leftovers (great served in coffee too!)
Store in canning jars in the refrigerator – 3-week shelf life.