How to make your own paper with the family!

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Morgan Laner and Becky Kalish, from the Center for EcoTechnology, taught us how to make our own DIY paper.


  • Paper pulp that was created in the first segment
  • Plastic bins (# as desired depending how many paper-making stations you want)
  • Paper-making frames
  • Sponges
  • Newspaper/scrap paper
  • Decorations as desired (we use birdseed)


  1. Lay newspaper out to keep table/surface clean
  2. Pour pulp into buckets and fill close to the top
  3. Pick desired papermaking frame shape to use
  4. Dump frame in pulp, and lift up so that the pulp is filled in the frame, about ½ inch thick
  5. Using a sponge, press as much water as possible out of pulp within the frame
  6. Carefully lift the wooden top off the frame and tap frame so paper segment comes off (you can tap it onto newspaper or scrap paper)
  7. Decorate as desired by pressing decorations into the paper while still wet

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