Increase your daily happiness with 5 simple steps

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Taking a few moments out of each day to notice the beauty and positivity around us can contribute to our sense of happiness. Dr. Leslie a.Saulsberry joins us with her advice.

For 5 days in a row-beginning on a Thursday (Thursday is the New Monday).

  1. 5 min of deep breathing
    Sit or lay down comfortably
    Close your eyes
    Breathe in through your nose until you feel your inhale at the top of your chest
    Pause for 1-2 seconds
    Then exhale through your mouth with an audible “ahhhh” sound until all the air is out
    Repeat for 5 min
    Pro Tip: If you need to work up to 5 min or want a quick session of deep breathing, start with 1 min. Add 1 min each day until you get to 5 min a day.
  2. 5 minutes of meditation
    Set a timer for 6 min. When you are ready, start the timer (I set mine for 6 min to allow myself time to get settled so I can have a full 5 min)
    Sit or lay down comfortably
    Close your eyes
    Focus on your breathing. Don’t change you breathing, just focus on it and simply breathe
    If you get distracted or if your mind wanders, just bring your focus back to your breath
    After 5 min slowly open your eyes
    Pro Tip: If you are new to meditation or have been away for a while start with 1 min. Add 1 min each day until you get up to 5 min a day.
  3. Get outside for 5 minutes to take in nature
    Sit, take a short walk, practice your 5 min meditation or 5 min deep breathing. But, gift yourself with 5 min outside
    Being outside for as little as 5 min increases positive emotions
  4. Pause to notice 5 new things each day that bring you joy
    Once you begin to notice things that bring you joy, the brain begins to scan your day for experiences that reinforce you living in joy
  5. Take 5 minutes at the end of each day to write down the 5 things that brought you joy (Gratitude)
    When you write about the things that you noticed, you get to relive the experiences. As your feelings of gratitude are relived, your happy hormones flood your brain and you seek more experiences of gratitude and joy.
  6. BONUS: 5 “just because” acts of compassion
    Just because, do something good, kind, or compassionate for someone
    It can be large or small and it can even be for a stranger
    Acts of compassion and kindness flood our brains with happy hormones, and we feel good. Because we feel good, we want to do more.

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