Learn some surprising sustainable facts and make earth friendly-resolutions

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(Mass Appeal) – The New Year is a great time to take a look at how you can reduce the toll you take on the earth. Belén Rodriguez and Molly Craft from the Center for EcoTechnology shared sustainable facts with us to incorporate into resolutions in an eye-opening true and false quiz.

It’s true that phantom energy takes up to 10 percent of your energy bill, so unplug your charged electronics or appliances that are not being used. Make a resolution to purchase a power strip designed to conserve energy. Also invest in a reusable water bottle – each Americans go through enough plastic water bottles to circle the earth several times.

Other facts included reducing the amount of beef eaten, which can lessen your CO2 footprint. In the New Year, consider diversifying with alternative proteins. Also, there are a surprising amount of pollutants found inside your own home from chemical cleaners. In 2020, choose to clean with products like vinegar and baking soda rather than using more expensive and toxic-chemical laden commercial cleaners.

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