(MASS APPEAL) – Lifestyle contributor Limor Suss shares her Fall Favorites in Beauty & Wellness

The Eucerin Daily Hydration Gel Cream provides immediate and all-day hydration with a unique gel texture, and the Eucerin Advanced Repair PM Scented Night Lotion helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier while you sleep and is clinically proven to calm dry skin. Eucerin products are available at CVS.

Soylent protein nutrition shakes deliver complete nutrition with 20g of protein, 28 daily immune supporting vitamins and minerals with only 1g of sugar. 

For all busy caregivers out there this fall, simplify your baby’s skin and hair care routine with Vivvi & Bloom – a new baby care brand uniquely developed with a community of diverse parents and caregivers, verified by the Environmental Working Group. For more information, follow @vivviandbloom on social media.

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