(MASS APPEAL) – Friday, September 15th was opening day of The Big E! Mass Appeal took our show live to the fair grounds to find out the details on all your favorite foods, the live entertainment scheduled, some new attractions to look out for and so much more!

Kayla Hevey spoke with Gene Cassidy, President and CEO of the Eastern States Exposition, to find out all the details of this years fair. You can find a schedule for all events happening at the Big E this year HERE.

Food Highlights

The Big E is a tradition unlike anything in our area. Millions of fairgoers come for the entertainment, the ride, and most of all the food. If you’re making a trip this year, here are a few on Kayla’s top picks of what you should try this year.

LIVE Entertainment at The Big E

Another fan favorite at the Big E year after year is the live entertainment put on several stages across the fairgrounds with a diverse lineup through the fair. John “JJ” Juliano of CFE, Mellowship Entertainment, who is responsible for making it all happen, joined Patrick at the Court of Honor Stage to find out what you can look forward to seeing at The Big E this year.

You can find a full list of scheduled entertainment for this year HERE.

Farm-a-Rama Helping Face Food Insecurities

The Big E began as an agriculture fair, and it’s still continues to be one of the oldest traditions. You can experience it in person at Farm-A-Rama! Kayla was with Nancy Delson, of the Farm-a-Rama, so see what you can experience here, and how this exhibit is helping those facing food insecurity.

To find out about all the agricultural events at Farm-A-Rama you can visit them on the Big E’s website.

The Big E’s Famous Parade

Another staple at The Big E that is beloved by many is daily parade. Anne-Alise Pietruska of CFE, Mellowship Entertainment joined Patrick to share what goes into putting on this parade each and every day at The Big E.

You won’t want to miss your chance at catching the famous Mardi Gras beads thrown from each float during the parade’s route so be sure to catch the parade on at least on of your visits to The Big E this year. It runs daily at 6:00pm.

New at The Big E: Dolly’s Honky Tonk

Every year when you come to The Big E there is something new and this year it’s Dolly’s Honky Tonk. Kayla spoke with John “JJ” Juliano of CFE, Mellowship Entertainment to find out more.

Stop by Dolly’s Honky Tonk for a Taste of Nashville and for a chance to ride their mechanical bull. See if you can beat Kayla’s record of 17 seconds!

For a look at the full lineup of entertainment at Dolly’s Honky Tonk visit The Big E’s website.

Inside look at The Big E’s Cream Puffs

One of the most popular food’s at The Big E is of course the famous cream puffs. Austin Cook, one of the cream puff staff members, joined Patrick to give us the inside scoop at how these tasty desserts are made.

Military Appreciation Day at The Big E

Opening day at The Big E is also Military Appreciation Day, which means free admission is provided for active duty and retired military personal. There will also be a Mobile Vet Center located on Avenue of the States that will provide all veterans with any information they may be looking for about healthcare and other services.

Joining Mass Appeal is Michael McNamara, from the Department of Veteran Affairs to share with us how the Big E is highlighting Veterans on Military Appreciation Day.

To find out more you can visit them on The Big E website.