Live from the Zoo in Forest Park: Exploring unique programs and animals off season

Mass Appeal

(Mass Appeal) – Mass Appeal was live from the Zoo in Forest Park to explore the zoo off-season and learn about some of the unique programs they have there – from camps to internship programs. First we met with Caroline Adams and Emily Bouwer about some of the new Hoofstock animals there, Carl (a miniature donkey) and Longshot (a miniature mule).

The Zoo in Forest Park has a dynamic internship program for people interested in pursuing a career with wildlife and zoo keeping. Bouwer and Jess La Rosa told us all about the program. La Rosa, a current intern, stated the program made such an impact on her that she decided to adjust her career path.

It might be a little cold and early for spring, but we are seeing signs of it here at the Zoo! Executive Director Sarah Tsitso and Bouwer brought us in a barn to meet some of the zoo’s baby animals, including baby goats and Holly, a cross between a llama and an alpaca.

Finally, we spoke with Adams about the Zoo in Forest Park’s camp program, which runs year-round. Campers Patrick and Ainsley Flood shared their experience at the camp and some of the art work they created with the help of the animals that morning.

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