When most people think about weight loss, they think about their body and shedding unwanted pounds. Have you ever thought about losing psychological weight? Dr. Rob Robinson visited the show with 4 ways to shed mental and emotional weight!

Steps for psychological weight loss:

1. Shedding the weight of resentments through the practice of forgiveness. Carrying around resentments over the past is akin to carrying luggage with you wherever you go. By practicing forgiveness, you let go of the baggage you’ve been lugging around and free yourself to enjoy life now!

2. Letting go of the past by turning your focus to the present moment! When sailing a ship, the captain doesn’t stand at the aft of the boat and look at the boat’s wake! Focusing on the past prevents living your life fully in the present moment. Here are 3-pointers for living in the NOW:
        – the most important thing I’m doing is the thing I’m doing NOW
        – the most important person I’m with is the person I’m with NOW
        – the most important moment I’m in is the moment I’m in NOW

3. Vanquish the inner victim. Seeing yourself as a victim is one of the most confining, limiting and negative things you can do to yourself! Life is filled with challenges and challenging people. If you have or had a situation or experience in your life which has contributed to a “victim-mentality”, it’s time to seek professional guidance and free yourself from the bondage that being a victim creates. One suggestion for vanquishing the inner victim is seeing a purpose in everything that happens, including painful life events. When thinking about life’s challenges, don’t ask yourself “Why me?” Instead, ask yourself “What’s the lesson from this or what can this experience teach me?”

4. Finding FAULT, fills the VAULT. Lots of people walk around feeling agitated and upset over lots of things. Finding fault or looking for negative things to be upset about is like stuffing baggage into a vault that gets heavy to carry around and leaves little room for other experiences that you could be savoring. When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change. Use Eckhart Tolle’s pointer which says: “The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it.’