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CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  It’s easier to get your kids to eat vegetables than it is to clean their rooms, but what if we told you we could make organizing fun! Charlotte Smith with Charlotte’s House gave us the Do’s and Don’ts of organizing with the kids!WHAT TO DO:

1. LABEL. Use a google image search and a laminator to make picture labels for bins and baskets. Or get your kids involved and have THEM create labels.

2. BASKETS. Baskets, baskets, and more baskets. Make sure they are big enough to fit what’s needed. Make sure they are in each room. Make sure they are durable!

3. SORT. Sort your toys the way your children use them. Sometimes YOUR idea of sorting isn’t THEIR idea of sorting. We have a bin for ALL the small people/ animals, etc. regardless of what game they go with. Another bin for rubber ducks. Another bin for anything magnetic.

4. VARIETY. Every thing needs a place and a place for every thing. For example: Each child with their own hook. Each child with their own shoe bin. Each child with their own sock basket. We also have bins for shared items like hats, gloves, pens, crayons, paper.WHAT NOT TO DO:

4. BE FUSSY. Make sure children can access/ open any container that is storing their items. For example, ziplock bags can be very useful, but can be very hard for a small child to reseal. Fancy containers are lovely… but may not be useful for children.

5. BE WHIMPY: There are dozens and dozens of AMAZING ideas for organizing and storage. Just because something LOOKS lovely, doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for staying organized with children. Kids are ROUGH on things…. a paper covered cardboard box might be the right solution for an adult space, but children will ruin something like that in an afternoon. Likewise, anything that has too many moving parts and requires too much thought to fit back together will be tricky for children to implement… e.g. a divided storage drawer with 15 different compartments for each item probably won’t stay as organized with children as it might for an adult.

7. PURGE. Less is more. Kids don’t need nearly as much STUFF as you might think. Decluttering and purging will ALWAYS help you stay organized with kids around!

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