Making Taylach for Rosh Hashana

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(Mass Appeal) – Rosh Hashana begins at sundown on Monday, September 6th and in the Jewish culture, food is often very symbolic. We’ve invited Kosher caterer Cheryl Blonder, owner of Cheryl Blonder Catering, to show us how to make a traditional sweet dish.

Taylach Recipe

4 Eggs
21/2 Cups Flour
3 Tablespoons Canola Oil
2 teaspoons Baking Powder
2 Tables of Liquor (optional)

Honey Mixture
2 cups Honey
1/2-Cup White Sugar
1/2-Cup Brown Sugar
1-Teaspoon Ginger

2 Cups of Nuts
2 Cups of Cherries

½ Cup Boiling Water

Beat eggs with mixer
Add oil and liquor
Add flour with baking powder
Mixture will be sticky
Add more flour if needed
Knead dough on floured board or in the bowl you are using
Can refrigerate the dough at this point

Melt honey into a deep roasting pan on stove with sugars and ginger
Watch carefully and let come to a slow boil

Flour a small scoop and scoop out dough into balls
Drop into boiling honey making sure it stays to a low boil and the honey covers the dough half way up the dough
If not enough honey add more
Cover pot
Put into oven at 350 degrees

Bake for 20 minutes covered
Uncover and stir cook an additional 15-20 minutes
Stir 2 times
Add ½ cup of boiling water -Be careful that it doesn’t boil over
Add nuts and cherries and cook for an additional 10 minutes

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