AMHERST, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – If you’re single, dating can often be a frustrating and disappointing experience, but it doesn’t have to be! Mass Match, is a personal dating service, that can help you find long-lasting love. Matchmaker Lanie Delphin, Owner of Mass Match in Amherst, shared more about finding the right person for you.Mass Match: Finding Your Soulmate!

Suite 206-218

6 University Drive , AmherstTips for First Meetings

Don’t talk about the past

Don’t sound negative/bitter

Don’t sound too busy to date

Don’t ask personal questions, keep it light

Don’t get to know someone via phone/emailDating Tips

Give them a chance, see if chemistry grows, go on 3-5 dates to see if you like them more and more

Get to know someone slowly

Don’t rush into a relationship, it will take you longer to get out of it

Red flag, bail

Get feedback from your friends and family

Meet their kids once in the beginning if you like the person you’re dating4 C’s for a Good Relationship

Chemistry – Look forward to seeing them at the end of the day, they don’t bore you

Communication – Easily communicate with, who has a similar communication style towards yours

Character – Has essential virtues; kind, honest, flexibility, intelligence equal, optimism, courage, loyal, tolerance, inner-beauty, humor

Compatibility – Having lots of values in common, fitting in with your partners family friends, goals in common, enough interest to have fun with them

For more information call (413) 665 – 3218 or visit Mass Match:

With our caring and personal support and coaching, we can help you bring a happy and satisfying relationship into your life. We believe that bringing people together by fostering the beginnings of healthy romantic relationships is an important individual and community service. We want to bring as many people together in Western Mass as possible, and NOW is a wonderful time to begin.

I sure understood firsthand when I met Bud just how important Dating Services can be. While over half the adult population is single for the first time in history, there are not many good ways for compatible singles to meet. People have to do something to nudge the universe! I founded Mass Match because I wanted to help others find that special someone. Since then, the work has become a mission.

We are proud of our venture, happy that we are bringing special people together, and determined to operate our business with integrity and honesty.

As we grow, we continue to remain personal and discreet and have been thanked often for returning calls and e-mails quickly and for working so hard for our clients, and unlike mass-marketing dating services, we choose not to charge enormous monthly or annual fees.

Because we’re local, we know and love the western Mass community, and want to be a special socially responsible and responsive business serving this wonderful area.

Promotional consideration provided by Mass Match.