(Mass Appeal) – Meet Fawn & Maple. They need to be adopted together. Fawn’s last guardian said she likes to drag race, doing laps around her cage when it’s playtime. And she urges her sister Maple to join in the fun! She is quite the explorer and will crawl up your sleeve or hang out in your hoodie pocket. One of her favorite things to do is bat around toys hanging from the top of her cage. Nothing like a fit piggy! Fawn will let you pet her on the head and do full body pets. However, don’t overdo it on the back end. Too personal. It’s not unusual for her to make a little wheet, nuzzle into your sleeve and nod off. She is bonded with her sister Maple, who adores playing with wicker balls. She’s like a cat in that she lets you hold her on her terms! Maple does enjoy head and back pets but gets a little shy when strangers pick her up from behind. However, once she’s comfortable, she’s a happy piggy. She is bonded with her sister Fawn.

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Events/Other Topics: Dakin’s Will Run for Cookies 5k Run/2k Walk is May 15

Our Will Run for Cookies 5k Run/2k Walk is this Sunday, May 15! By participating and fundraising for Dakin Humane Society, you are helping give animals the food, shelter, and medical treatment they need. Every dollar you raise goes towards creating happier and healthier lives for animals right here in our community.

We’re really encouraging participants to:

  • Bring their dogs to take part with them!  Dogs need to be on a non-retractable leash
  • Build teams and create a sense of camaraderie!  Be there for each other, encourage your teammates, and show a united force to help animals get the care they need!

And hey…all participants (human OR canine) get a cookie! What more can you ask for?

Date: Sunday, May 15

Registration time: 9am

Race time: 10:30am

Location: Stanley Park, Westfield

For more info, and to register, visit dakinhumane.org