(Mass Appeal) – Meet Hazel! This little cutie is taking in a world that is brand new to her. As she looks about, she sees big and little humans, and she loves them all! And hey, what is this? A toy? What do you do with a toy? Hey, this thing can be lots of fun! Everything is all so new to Hazel and being so young, she’s bound to do well in just about any home. Can you resist her? Probably not. Kitten season is beginning so we’ll probably be seeing more like this kitten soon, but for now, we’ve got Hazel!

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Events/Other Topics: Kitten Street Team
Dakin Humane Society’s Kitten Street Team is an all-volunteer group devoted to helping curb the homeless cat population through TNR (trap/neuter/return) practices. When people see colonies in their neighborhood, they should call Dakin at (413)781-4000, and leave a message for the Kitten Street Team. The Team will call back to get the location of the cat colony. They then set humane traps at the colony site, baited with food. Adult cats are brought into Dakin for spay/neuter surgery, ear tipped, then returned to their colony site. Kittens under 10 weeks old are adopted out to loving families through Dakin’s Adoption program.

This extraordinary team of volunteers wants to help those who can’t help themselves. If you see a colony of feral cats in your neighborhood, give us a call, and we’ll get the Kitten Street Team in action!

If you see feral cat colonies, give Dakin a call at (413)781-4000