Meet Koalwe, a talkative guinea pig looking for his new home

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Koalwe is a staff favorite at Dakin because he’s very interactive and vocal.  This super friendly guy is litterbox trained too, which is a bonus!  Lee Chambers introduces us to this chattery fellow.

He’s a good jumper, and like most guinea pigs, he loves “out of the cage time,” which should always happen in a small, secure room with supervision. 

Guinea pig facts:
    Special guinea pig pellets are the basis of their diet (they eat about 1/8 cup daily).  
    Be sure they have access to hay at all times
    Favorite fruits/veggies include leafy greens, green peppers, peas, apples, blueberries, oranges and grapes, kale and strawberries 
    Use a solid bottom cage with a wire cover.  No wire cage bottoms, they hurt their feet
    Include a cave for them to sleep or rest, like a medium-sized flower pot or a plastic igloo
    Guinea pigs are known for their vocalizations.  They often squeak with delight when their favorite humans enter the room
    They rarely bite, but can nip if mishandled or fear a threatening animal
    Once your pig is used to you (and being handled), you can let him play in a small room for daily exercise.  Be sure to remove electrical wires and other hazards that he might chew on
    Be sure to remove soiled bedding, droppings and stale food from the cage daily

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