Meet Merlin, an adoptable guinea pig who loves his giraffe bed!

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This young male guinea pig is full of personality! Lee Chambers from Dakin Humane Society introduces us to Merlin, who comes with his beloved giraffe-shaped bed.

Pet Stats                                    
    Name:  Merlin
Breed:  Guinea pig
Age:    1 year
Sex:     Male
Color:  Black & white


Merlin is a staff favorite, and when you meet him, you’ll know why!  This little guy is so cute and personable, plus he sleeps in a special giraffe bed that will go home with him!  Guinea pigs like Merlin need a spacious habitat filled with hiding and happing spots, things to climb on, safe wood to chew and guinea pig toys.  Their diets consist of grass hay and small amounts of timothy pellets.  They love red pepper, kale, mustard greens, dandelion greens and other leafy greens.  When Merlin sees these snacks headed his way, he’ll let out a loud “wheeeeet wheeeeeet!” just for you.  Come meet him at our Springfield Adoption Center.

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