Meet our Pet of the Week Templeton and learn if a pet rat may be right for your family

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Meet Templeton!  He’s a friendly rat available for adoption at Dakin Humane Society. They’re adopting him out with his 2 cage mates Justin and Scabbers, who are also 8 month old males.  Rats are surprisingly interactive pets.  Here are some facts about them:

    They’re easy to care for and live happily in a cage environment (as you get to know them better, you can take them out for some interactive time every day)
    They rarely bite, so they’re a good first pet for children
    They’re smart!  They will learn tricks like sit, fetch and jump through the hoop
    Rats learn their names and will come to you when you call them
    They love to be petted, and they love games like tug-o-war, hide-n-seek and peek-a-boo
    Rats from the same litter become great companions
    They’re easy to feed, they eat grains, seeds, fruits and veggies
    They’re very clean, they groom themselves every day

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Upcoming Events/Other Topics:

Dakin has upcoming Vaccine & Microchip Clinic dates!  Dakin’s popular Vaccine & Microchip Clinic dates will be held on select Saturdays starting at 9am at our Springfield location (171 Union Street).  We’ll provide vaccines, microchipping, tests and treatments at very affordable rates for the first 40 dogs/cats in line!  Here are the upcoming dates for Clinics:

●    Saturday, March 23
●    Saturday, April 6
●    Saturday, April 20
●    Saturday, May 4
●    Saturday, May 18
●    Saturday, June 1
●    Saturday, July 13
●    Saturday, July 27

For more information about the Vaccine & Microchip Clinic, please visit

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