Meet Professor Daffodil, our Pet of the Week!

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Meet Professor Daffodil, PhD! She’s looking to hop into a new home. Lee Chambers from Dakin Humane Society is here to introduce us to this smart-sounding bunny!

Name: Professor Daffodil, PhD
Breed:  Rex Mini English Spot
Age:   2 years
Sex:     Female
Color:  White with brown spots

Say hello to Professor Daffodil, PhD!  She’s an adorable 2 year old Mini Rex English Spot rabbit who has already been spayed.  Like most rabbits, she’s very smart and interactive with people, and loves to have some time outside her cage to run around and kick up her feet (that’s called doing a binkie!) in a carefully supervised setting.  Dakin has LOTS of pet rabbits looking for homes right now!

Surprising facts about rabbits as pets:
    You can litterbox train a rabbit pretty easily!  Provide them with a box and put hay in it…they’ll know what to do!
    Rabbits are pretty smart, and they will bond strongly with their person or people
    They groom themselves more than cats
    Rabbits love to play games that include running, and picking up (and tossing) toys!  Give them a series of tubes to run through and they’ll have a blast
    They’re shy by nature.  When you first bring them home, be quiet and move slowly to make them feel safer
    They should be allowed time outside their cages (which must be kept indoors) every day. You can even introduce them to a resident cat or dog, but be very careful about supervising their time together
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$12 Rabies vaccination (dog and cat)
$12 Distemper vaccination (dog and cat)
$20 Microchip identification (dog and cat; includes registration)
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