Music, entertainment, and comedy at the Shea Theater in Turners Falls

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Linda Tardif, Managing Director of the Shea Theater, discussed a vaudeville theater that has been transformed into a performing arts stage in Turners Falls. 

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NAME OF EVENT: Josie’s Magical Flute
DATES & TIMES: April 18th, 7:30 PM

ADDRESS: 71 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA 01376

ABOUT THE EVENT: Improv Comedy. A new show every time! 
Join us for an evening of improvised comedy! By turns hilarious, ridiculous, thoughtful and poignant, improv comedy is made up on the spot – fresh just for you – so each show is different and utterly creative!

Josie’s is a long form improv troupe comprised of Julie Waggoner, Sally Ekus, and Mandy Anderson. The three women have been playing together since 2016, and have performed regularly at the Shea since early 2018.

All three Josie’s members are also cast members of the troupe Not in Charge, Happier Valley Comedy’s newest fan fave troupe which sells out every show.
Julie Waggoner is a Valley comedy veteran who performed standup comedy for 10 years, and then played with the Villa Jidiots for another 10 years. She’s a member of The Majesters Comedy Troupe, a frequent guest performer with The Ha-Ha’s, and a long-time actress with Pauline Productions of Ashfield.
Mandy Anderson is a member of the Majesters, the Happier Family Comedy Show, and The Happy Valley Championship Show.
Sally Ekus is the producer as well as a cast member of the Happier Family Comedy Show, and both she and Mandy are guest performers with The Ha-Ha’s.
Special guests for the evening are Allie Rivera, Danny New, and Ben May.
Allie Rivera is a writer and improviser based in Hartford, CT. She serves as an associate artistic director of the Sea Tea Comedy Theater in Hartford and performs regularly with her improv teams Winnipeg and Fruits & Veggies. Outside of improv, Allie enjoys cross-stitching curse words and watching Say Yes to the Dress.
Danny New is the host of Mass Appeal on Channel 22; he also plays with the Happier Valley Comedy family show and the Happier Valley Championship Show.
Ben May plays with the Happier Valley Comedy family show and the Happier Valley Championship Show.

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