(MASS APPEAL) – Fall has officially fallen, so we called up lifestyle contributor Limor Suss to tell us about her latest must haves for the season.

Lifestyle contributor Limor Suss shares Fall Must Haves.

Lifeway Farmer Cheese has a flavor similar to cottage cheese, spreads like ricotta, and has superfood health benefits with protein and probiotics. The creamy texture makes it the perfect addition to all your recipes. 

Providing 72-hours of clinically proven sweat and odor protection, Secret Clinical Antiperspirant/Deodorant offers the best protection against stress, heat and activity sweat. 

The Jackery 1000 Plus solar generator makes solar energy safe and easy-to-use, with enough power to keep devices running for emergency home backup or outdoor adventures. As part of Jackery’s Prime Big Deal Days event, you can find deals up to 40% off on jackery.com or the Jackery Amazon store from October 1 through October 11th. Don’t forget to follow Jackery for its Livestream Event on October 10th for their $50K Giveaway!

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