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(Mass Appeal) – October is ADHD Awareness month and while there has been a surge of interest around this condition of late, there remains a lot of dis-information out here. Joining me today to do some ADHD myth-busting is clinical psychologist Dr. Sharon Saline.

It’s a sad but true fact. Many people still, even after the surge of ADHD research over the past 30 years, don’t believe it’s real. Dealing with doubters means educating them instead of responding to them with anger, frustration, or avoidance. Support yourself and your neurodiverse kids by challenging myths with these facts.

Myth #1: ADHD is not real and is a recent psychiatric invention where medication is overprescribed.
Fact: ADHD traits have been recognized and studied for centuries but not commonly known about or named as we know it today until the late 1970s/early 1980s.

Myth #2: ADHD is caused by poor parenting.
Fact: ADHD has nothing to do with the quality of parenting but more to do with genetics.

Myth #3: ADHD is a lack of willpower: kids (and adults) could focus if they really wanted to.
Fact: Actually, people who live with ADHD would MUCH prefer to focus on tasks and succeed than not do well.

Myth #$4: Most kids with ADHD outgrow it.
Fact: While some children diagnosed with ADHD do have the ability to outgrow it, that is usually not the case.

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