CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  A lot of high school students applying for college want to rule out big colleges without really knowing them. Here are three big college myths to help you make a more informed decision when applying to college from Alexis Avila CEO of Prepped & Polished.Three Myths about Big Colleges

  • Myth 1. Big Colleges don’t have small class sizes. Truth is, you can find all types of class sizes at big colleges. Class size really depends on what you’re majoring in and what year you’re in.
  • Myth 2. Big Colleges have an out of control party scene. Truth is, you’ll also find a lot of activities to do that are non-party related. It’s a big school and there is something for everyone!
  • Myth 3. You won’t meet anyone at a big College. Truth is, because there are so many students on campus you will find a wide diversity of students there. So it’s easy to find people you share things in common with because there are so many interested students coming to that school!