(MASS APPEAL) – For the 6th year in a row NewPro is going to crash the baths of two deserving Veteran homeowners and replace them with the gift of a safe shower, all in honor of Veterans Day and all free of charge! Joining us in a segment sponsored by NewPro is Marci Katz, Vice President of NewPro, with more on how they’re honoring veterans.

The Baths for the Brave program was founded by an owner of a home improvement company in the NewPro network of home improvement companies around the country, Brian Gottleib, the owner of Tundraland in Wisconsin. 

NewPro will get call for nominations – which starts right now – anyone can nominate themselves or a Veteran they know who owns a home and could really benefit from this gift, a safe shower space.  They will select two winners this year, suppliers will donate the product, NewPro installers will donate their time and on or around November 11, Veterans Day, they will crash the bath of two deserving Veterans to install a safer bathing space.  

The journey will be shared on social media so you will learn the story of the Veterans chosen and can watch the process unfold. 

The showers and baths that are replace are not always in terrible condition however in many instances they don’t serve the needs of the homeowner any longer. They need safer alternatives and easier to maintain options.

Simple go to NewProBathsForTheBrave.com and click on the link to nominate a veteran. Nominations are being accepted through September 30. The remodel will be done at the homeowners’ home on or before November 11. 

Anyone interested in learning more about NewPro Bath Solutions can call the number 413-359-6828 or visit NewPro.com to schedule an in-home consultation. 

Sponsored by: NewPro