(Mass Appeal) – Everyone loves a good sweet treat, especially a delicious fudge. This Thursday happens to be National Penuche Fudge Day and as a preview, we thought it would be fun to bring in Michelle Olanyk, owner of Mo’s Fudge Factor in Shelburne Falls!

½ C Butter
2 C Light Brown Sugar
½ C Milk
2 C Quick Oats (uncooked)
1 C Chopped Nuts of your choice (walnuts and pecans are most commonly used)

You will need a timer or a stopwatch on your phone.
Parchment paper
Cookie sheet pan
Glass or metal mixing bowl, medium-sized
Small saucepan
Wooden or metal spoons to stir and portion with

Combine nuts and oats in a glass or metal bowl and set them aside. We will be using hot sugar for this recipe so it is important that you do not use plastic bowls for mixing.
Melt butter over medium heat in a small saucepan, once mostly melted add brown sugar and milk. Stir until fully incorporated. Once the liquid begins to bubble cook for 2 minutes. You do not have to stir while this is boiling. The sugar liquid is very, very hot so be careful not to get splashed. You will want it to be a slow-rolling bowl, not a fast splashing bowl. Once the two minutes are up, remove the hot sugar liquid from the heat and pour over the oatmeal and nut mixture. Stir until mixed well. Use two metal spoons to portion the cookies onto the parchment paper/cookie sheet, these cookies are very sweet so you will want them to be small in size. Set aside until cool and serve.