(MASS APPEAL) – You and your kids need nutritious, filling foods to fuel the back-to-school routine. Here’s how to add protein to meals and snacks with Hood Cottage Cheese.

Adults and kids need protein for muscle, bone, and brain health and to help support the immune system. Hood Cottage Cheese has 13 grams of protein in a half cup – that’s the amount found in about two ounces of meat, chicken, or fish!

Let’s start with some 5-minute protein-packed ideas for weekdays when time is tight.


Protein-packed toast:

Toast with topped with Hood whipped cottage cheese and avocado. Hood Whipped cottage cheese has the rich and creamy taste you love with a lighter, smoother texture and it’s super spreadable.

Fruit Smoothie:

Fruit smoothie with cottage cheese and fruit in a glass and in a to-go cup. Both of these meals are portable for on the go families.


Veggie Wrap with Everything Bagel Cottage Cheese

Hood single-serve cottage cheese is perfect for packing for lunches – yours and your kids! Just pop the top and enjoy! Chive is the most popular single-serve flavor but kids may like the sweetness of the Pineapple better.


Pasta with marinara and cottage cheese sauce. An easy go-to meal is combining marinara sauce and Hood Whipped Cottage Cheese to make a protein-packed creamy tomato sauce for pasta.

Pizza made from pita bread topped with whipped cream cheese and roasted vegetables. Combine whipped cottage cheese with dried herbs or your choice, spread it on pita or naan bread, and top with cheese for an easy pizza.

You can find these receipts as well as a product locator at hood.com.

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