(Mass Appeal) – Caraway and Tarragon are a bonded pair of 1 year old Havana rabbits. They’ve been at Dakin Humane Society waiting for the right home. Lee Chambers introduces us to them.

Caraway and Tarragon

Breed: Havana Rabbits (both)
Age: 1 year (both)
Sex: Spayed female (both)
Color: Black (both)

It’s been six months since Caraway and Tarragon were brought to Dakin from another animal organization, and we really want to see them go to a nice home. They’ve been waiting a long time!

Caraway and Tarragon used to be very timid but have made remarkable progress in sociability recently. They will take some time to warm up, so you should approach them calmly and pet them once they have come to know you. Apple branches are their favorite chew toy! Like most rabbits, these girls love their leafy greens and it’s especially important to give them kale and strawberries to help them build up Vitamin D! Come meet these two at our Springfield Adoption Center.

These pets’ profiles:
Caraway: https://www.dakinhumane.org/adopt/caraway-w-tarragon-41285486.html
Tarragon: https://www.dakinhumane.org/adopt/tarragon-w-caraway-41285482.html

Other Happenings:

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