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(Mass Appeal) – It’s time for Mass Appeal’s pet of the week… Thursday we’re introducing you to a pair of special needs kittens who need a hero adopter.

Lee Chambers is here from Dakin Humane to introduce us to Mabon & Samhain.

Name:  Mabon & Samhain to be adopted together


Age:    4 months (both)

Sex:     Male (both)

Color:  White with black (Mabon), White with brown tabby markings (Samhain)

Here are Mabon (MAY-bon) and Samhain (Sa-WEEN). These two are extremely bonded and need to go home together. Although Mabon is partially blind – he is Samhain’s “seeing eye cat!” You’d never know they were blind or vision impaired – they eat, sleep, play, and use the litter box great! They are so sweet & affectionate – they love to hang out with people and know how to make you laugh. Mabon will even fall asleep on your chest under the blankets.

Mabon’s eyes are currently stable, but there is a possibility he may need one or both of his eyes removed if they become unstable.

They are sensitive to loud noises, so rambunctious households with small children or unruly dogs would not be a good fit. However, older kids & mild-mannered dogs would be great – they love to play, and loved their foster dog. They do seem interested in cats, so that shouldn’t be an issue with a slow introduction. However, some cats may take a while to learn how to interact with a vision-impaired cat, so patience will be necessary. If you’d like to learn more about adopting these two, please email and be sure to give your name and phone number.

Pets’ profiles:

Here are some FAQ’s about blind cats:

How do they navigate around the house?
Blind cats rely on touch, scent, sound and memory to find their way around. They use their whiskers to judge proximity to objects. Some walk with their tail tip touching the ground as an additional sense organ.

Do they jump or climb?
Blind cats may climb onto things rather than jumping, but many also memorize heights and distances. Because they rely on memory to navigate, furniture should not be rearranged and obstructions should not be left on the floor.

How do I introduce my blind cat to my home?
Generally, the same way you’d introduce a sighted cat to your home, starting with one room and expanding their territory over time. For a blind cat you’ll need to take extra care that the surroundings are safe, so progress may be slower. Be sure to give encouragement, reassurance and rewards. Their initial room should have the essentials; food, water, bedding and a litter box. Spend time with them in their room, playing with and petting them. Leave a radio on low volume, they love that. Once your cat has his bearings in his main room, extend the boundaries to include other rooms, but supervise these excursions each time. If you have staircases, temporarily block those off. Let your cat stay in the main room until he is confident that he has memorized the layout of your home, then move the cat’s main territory from the safe room to a more appropriate area, and duplicate the contents of the safe room (food, water, bedding and litter box) to transition him.

Other tips?
Introduce him to your other pets slowly. Use a baby gate to separate them at first. Sighted pets can sometimes pick up on a cat being blind and will act as a “seeing eye friend”
Pick toys that make sounds, give off scents, or contain treats for your blind friend. Balls with bells in them or even a scrunched-up paper bag will provide fun
Never let a blind pet loose outdoors. For safe, enjoyable outings, you can teach your cat to walk with a harness and leash
Don’t carry a blind cat around unless you set him down in a familiar place
Don’t lift a blind cat and put him on a raised surface, he may become disoriented and fall off (unless the surface is a place he knows like a favorite chair or your bed)

When you adopt a Dakin pet, you can get support and answers to your questions from our trained staff. We want to help make your adoption a success!

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